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    Purchasing Info

    Included with EVERY Critter Love Sugar Glider Purchase:

    • Travel Cage
    • Joey Cage Pouch
    • Sample of Staple

    For Sugar Glider purchases of $300 or More, You Also Get a FREE Bonding Pouch!

    Note: Colors/Styles of included items may vary.

    Waiting List

    If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for a Joey from a particular female, please feel free to contact me and I will let you know as soon as joeys are born from that mother.

    Pet-Only Pricing

    Male Joeys are available for pet only pricing. Male gliders will be neutered prior to going to their new homes. Intact males sold only to experienced breeders. Prices will differ for intact males.


    A Non-refundable Deposit of $100.00 or 1/2 the price of a Sugar Glider (for higher priced Sugar Gliders) will be required within 24 hours of the agreement you wish to purchase the Joey.

    Joeys must be paid in full and picked up between 8-10 weeks Out Of Pouch.

    If Joey is not picked up by planned date, deposit will be lost and buyer will lose all rights to said Joey. If pick up date is longer than expected and arrangements have been made, a holding fee will be charged.Amount will be discussed at time of arrangements.

    Critter Love® reserves the right to cancel an adoption for any reason. Under the circumstances that this takes place, Critter Love® will provide a full refund on deposit and any monies paid.

    What to expect when you bring home your sugar glider joey.

    Please know that your sugar glider joey has been handled and loved on since they came oop. However, we do not handle them for long periods of time as we do not want the joey to bond with us. We are only trying to get them used to being handled by the human hand so they will not be too afraid of it once they go to your home.

    No matter how sweet a sugar glider joey is here at Critter Love®, we cannot promise the joey will be calm and automatically love you when it arrives to your home. You see, here, the sights, smells and handling by us is all the joey has ever known. When the joey leaves here, it is leaving all the things that bring it comfort and the sense of safety.

    We will take pictures of your joey every Sunday for you so you are able to see the joey grow. We will also take a video or two for you, or if you request, we will take one every weekend for you. This way you are able to see for yourself the temperament of your joey.

    After leaving its mom and dad and the sights and smells the joey is used to and traveling, be it by car or plane or both, please know your joey is going to be scared. More than likely it will crab and possibly even try to bite out of fear the first day. This is why we recommend to place the joey in its cage (we will send it in a pouch with its mom and dads scent) and just let it become accustomed to the new sights and smells that surrounds it before trying to interact with it.

    If you have another glider you are going to introduce the joey to, try to do so as soon as you can. Having one of its own often helps to relieve the stress of the move.

    For more tips on bonding and getting your new joey used to you please visit our fun, tips and tricks page.

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