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    Critter Love® Plus - Sugar Glider Staple

    Specifically for captive bred & kept pet sugar gliders
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    Our Staple Foods (Complete, PLUS, & Breeder) help with Smell, Coat, Weight Control & More!

    How much do I need?

    This product was developed to be used specifically for captive bred and kept pet sugar gliders.
    ​It is to be used as the protein booster in their diet.

    This supplement contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, as well as Omega 6&3 fatty acids including Flaxseed Oil and is also calcium fortified. Nutritional and balanced to make a beneficial addition to your sugar gliders diet plan.

    ​Developed with the aide of licensed veterinarians and exotic Animal Nutritionist, to ensure a balanced meal when fed alongside one of our Critter Love® salads.

    ​Smells like Sweet Vanilla...

    Sugar Gliders are enjoying it across the Globe!

    Laboratory tested and approved!!

    ​Sugar gliders do not just survive on it, they THRIVE on it!!

    Picture of Critter Love ® Plus 8oz
    Critter Love ® Plus 8oz
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    Picture of Critter Love ® Plus 1lb
    Critter Love ® Plus 1lb
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    Picture of Critter Love ® Plus 2lb
    Critter Love ® Plus 2lb
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    Picture of Critter Love ® Plus 5lb
    Critter Love ® Plus 5lb
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