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    Health Guarantee

    Here at Critter Love® we pride ourselves on the health of our Joeys!

    All Critter Love® Joeys come with a 72 hour Health Guarantee.

    *In order to qualify for Critter Loves® Health Guarantee, all conditions below must be met and
    proper documentation of proof must be supplied.

    • Critter Love® guarantees you will receive a healthy, fully weaned Joey.
    • A wellness check and fecal float/smear are required within 72 hours of the Joey arriving to your home. Sooner if ANY signs of illness are shown.
    • If there are any health related issues raised at the Wellness Checkup, and it can be traced back to Critter Love® we will cover the cost of medications given at that time. (Veterinarian reports must be provided to Critter Love®.) Payment will be made directly to Performing Veterinarian ONLY.
    • Office visits or other treatments such as blood work, x-rays, etc. will be the new owners responsibility unless previous written arrangements have been made.
    • If your Sugar Glider becomes ill within the first 72 hours, you must contact Critter Love® and your veterinarian immediately.
    • It is Your responsibility to watch for stressors and stress symptoms.
    • Should any illness symptoms arise, purchaser is responsible for getting the glider to a Veterinarian immediately.
    • All Veterinarian bills incurred for stress related illnesses are the sole responsibility of purchaser.
    • This health guarantee does not cover trauma or stress related illnesses of any kind.
    • This guarantee does not cover accidents, negligence or mistreatment of any kind.
    • This guarantee does not cover deaths or illnesses caused by or resulting from transportation issues, heat exhaustion, dehydration, or starvation.
    • This health guarantee does not cover illness due to poor housing conditions or illnesses brought on due to environmental temperatures (being too hot, too cold, or drafty).
    • This health guarantee does not cover illnesses due from sudden dietary changes.