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    Hurricane Preparedness with Sugar Gliders

    Hurricane Preparedness with Sugar Gliders

    Plan Ahead

    Hurricanes are very traumatic for all pets, sugar gliders included. Sugar gliders should be kept with their owners during the storm. They can’t be left alone. Many shelters will not accept pets during a storm, so what should you do? Plan, Plan, Plan AHEAD.


    If you live in an evacuation zone, you will need to leave your home. Know what zone you are in and have a destination you will go to away from the evacuation zone. If you are going to a relative or friends home please make certain they have no issues with you bringing your pets. Make certain their home is secure and they are not also in an evacuation zone.

    Make certain you have a travel cage, pouch, water dish and food that is ready to travel. You can use a nylon pop up dog kennel that can be found on Amazon.

    A helpful evacuation kit can be found at Critter Love®: The items in this kit will only need water to mix with and you can rest assured knowing while you are going through this time your sugar glider is eating a balanced diet, even if this is not your normal diet plan. (you can always go back to your normal diet plan once the storm passes and you have access and availably to do so)

    Emergency Travel Kit

    Sugar Glider Travel Kit

    Have a list of boarding facilities, veterinary practices and hotels that accept pets (and under what circumstances) not in your immediate area.

    Staying At Home

    If you are not in an evacuation zone make sure you are in a safe location to withstand the hurricane. Be sure to plan for extra supplies including drinking water for your sugar glider as you may lose access to your natural water supply. Please make certain your sugar gliders cage is not located in front of or near any windows.

    After the storm

    Use caution when going outdoors with your sugar gliders after the storm. Downed branches, debris, wildlife (especially water snakes), and down powerlines are just a few of the dangers that you should be aware of. Be sure not to allow your sugar glider to consume foods that may have been contaminated in any way. Also, your sugar glider may be startled by the storm or the change in location if you had to evacuate. Keep in mind, this may affect their eating patterns as well as the chance it may make them a bit skittish for a while.

    PLEASE, do not have the thought it will not happen to me. Prepare BEFORE the storm.

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    I cannot imagine how stressful this must be for a sugar glider. I am so glad there are no hurricanes where I live.