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Dress up your car windows or home windows with these super fun and telling decals! ​Let everyone know you are a sugar glider lover!! ​These will even look good on your walls in your glider room. Easy to apply.

From ¥36.38

Sugar Gliders, Living with and caring for

All the information on Sugar Gliders, their well being and care one should learn.


Gimme Some Sugar Shirt

Show everyone they can have some "sugar glider love" by sporting this great quality shirt.

Screen printed, Soft and Comfy 100% cotton, Drapes perfectly, Short Sleeves,Machine wash (cold water), ​Hang dry

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

From ¥138.25

Sugar Glider Keychains

Carry Your Keys In Style

From ¥84.89

Sugar Glider Care & Information

An eBook on Important Sugar Glider Basics (PDF)