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    Letter From the Owner

    Hi there,

    My name is Peggy Brewer, and I am the Owner and Founder of Critter Love® LLC and also the creator of the Critter Love® Original, Plus, Complete and Breeder Formula staple. (Formerly known as HPW™)

    I love animals - of all shapes, sorts, and sizes. It started when I was a young child and I refused to leave any animal on the streets! I felt they all needed a home, and that home happened to be mine!

    Of course my parents didn't always agree, but they allowed me to have my fair share. From dogs and cats to ducks, geese, raccoons, birds and much more.

    Now that I am grown, married, have children of my own, I still have a large love for animals and try to help as many as I can.

    I have been in love with sugar gliders since 2003. I have led, and currently lead, a research and development program in the nutritional field for captive bred sugar gliders since 2005. I work with a team of veterinarians as well as a world-renowned exotic animal nutritionist and have laboratory testing conducted on a regular basis.

    I am also a breeder of sugar gliders. I currently breed for Mosaics, Black Beauties, Black Faces and working with a new line of melanistics.

    I am a Published Author of A Sugar Glider Care book, which is titled: Sugar Gliders: Living with and Caring For Sugar Gliders Is this the Right Pet for You?

    A percentage of every sale for our webstore goes into the research and development program as learning about the needs of these amazing animals is forever ongoing.

    I believe anyone can be a wonderful pet owner if they are educated correctly in the animal they choose to own.

    Much like children, each pet is unique and special and deserves the best attention one can give; be it physical attention, mental stimulation, or medical attention.

    I am also a certified dog trainer and I am currently the proud owner of a two mixed breed dogs.

    Thanks for your interest in Critter Love - We'd love to have you as part of our family!