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    Preparing Yourself & Your Home For Your New Pet Sugar Gliders


    • Find a reputable sugar glider breeder that is willing to spend time with you/your family to answer any and all of your questions regarding sugar gliders, their health, diet, housing, bonding and health related issues.
    • Make sure you have a Sugar Glider Knowledgeable Veterinarian available. Post his/her number where you will have easy access to it at all times.
    • Have your Sugar Gliders Cage prepared and ready with toys, wheels, pouches, food, water bottle etc. You can find a start up special with all you need here.
    • Have a first aid kit set up, complete with E-Collar
    • Be familiar with the bonding techniques. (Please visit the FUN, TIPS, & TRICKS page for more info!)
    • Be sure to have your Sugar Glider Breeders name and number in case you have any questions or concerns once you bring your new pet home.


    Having a safe environment is important and many of the things we don't think about are the most dangerous in our homes for Sugar Gliders. Be sure to go over the checklist below to help make your home Sugar Glider safe. Bathrooms are known to be the most common area to bond with a sugar glider, so we will start there.


    • Toilet lid down at all times
    • Make sure all cabinet doors are closed and there are no holes in walls or cabinets
    • Make sure all razors are put up out of reach of your Sugar Gliders
    • Make sure all electrical appliances are unplugged and out of reach
    • Never leave water in your sink or tub
    • Apply outlet covers to each outlet to avoid tiny fingers going inside of them

    Other Rooms

    It is not advised to allow your glider to have access to the rest of your home unless under close supervision as many accidents have happened.

    Kitchen area is an area where your sugar glider can run behind and in your refrigerator and stove. Sugar gliders have been killed by electrical shock this way. It is recommended to keep your sugar glider out of this area of the house if at all possible.

    Livingroom & Bedrooms

    • Be sure all electrical outlets have child safe plus protectors in them.
    • Keep in mind that a sugar glider can and will run under and in any furniture it is able to.
    • Be sure to keep all sharp objects put away.
    • Do not have candles burning while your sugar glider is out playing.
    • Be sure to turn off all paper shredders
    • If your sugar glider gets into your sleeper sofa, recliner etc, do not pull these out as you may crush your sugar glider. Use other methods of removing your glider prior to opening this furniture.
    • Be sure all vents have a covering over them that a sugar glider will not be able to squeeze through. All openings should be less than 1/2"
    • Be sure all ceiling fans are turned off
    • All windows closed
    • No holes in walls or baseboards