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    Guest | 6/12/2018 3:20 PM
    Excellent foraging toy
    All of my babies absolutely love this it's so much fun watching them play with all of your amazing creations!!
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    Guest | 10/11/2018 11:37 AM
    Pickin Pocket Fun
    The FuzzButts LOVE their Pickin Pocket! As soon as they go in for the night that’s the first thing they do! We laugh at how fast those little hands go in and out and dig around. Thank you!!
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    Guest | 2/20/2019 4:13 PM
    Super cool!
    Such a cool ideal for foraging! I love stuffing the treats in this and watching my gliders dig around to try and get it! Lol, it's so funny! The crinkle paper is pretty easy to put back in it also when the gliders pull some out.
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    Guest | 9/20/2020 1:22 PM
    Favorite activity
    Our gliders have more interest in this foraging toy than anything else in their cage, aside from their wheel. We stuff it with a few pine nuts, sunflower seeds and organic honey nut cheerios. Nice to have an activity that supports their natural instinct to forage. Good mental stimulation for our clever girls.
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    Guest | 11/21/2020 3:08 PM
    Must have
    My babies absolutely love this. I like to stuff sunflower and pumpkin seeds  😁 they have a blast getting out treats and making a mess pulling out paper. I may get new ones as ones I have they are getting pretty beat up from being chewed had them awhile lol. I was browsing through toys realized I forgot to write a review.
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