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Kathy H.
Thank you my fuzzies love it
Guest | 3/27/2018 7:26 PM
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Yaima P.
Easy to prepare and my gliders love their food and eat it all daily.
Guest | 3/27/2018 7:27 PM
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Tiffany I.
Great combo at a fair price. The sugars are always so happy when I try new treats ;)
Guest | 3/27/2018 7:27 PM
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My Boys Love The Fruity Taste!!!
I had been feeding my boys Bash and Trico, the pocket pets diet but it was so expensive and then I found Critter Love and emailed with questions and got an immediate response..friendly and knowledgable. and found out this is the same diet as PP and my boys don't get upset tummys from changing their diets and I get a bit of relief on my wallet. Thanks Critter Love! Definitely will keep coming back for more...!!!
Guest | 6/29/2018 9:41 PM
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My boys love this kibble.  They get excited about it every time I put it in their bowl.  Great product!
Guest | 2/23/2019 2:24 AM
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My boys love it!
Omg my 2 boys are in heaven with this combo! Thank you
Guest | 2/25/2019 11:01 AM
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This is the first time I have ordered the combo, it's a good deal!
Guest | 2/28/2019 4:11 PM
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My babies love it!
We started out on another diet when we adopted our first gliders. Out of curiosity from hearing about Critter Love in several forums, I had the sample pouch of Critter Love sent to us. We tried it out and my babies licked the bowls clean. So we switched as they had never eaten so well in the months we had had them. Now we recently decided to try the Fruity pellets in addition to the staple and salads. My babies went to town on the pellets! The other diet had pellets too, but they never touched them ever- even if I added apple juice to them. Now I feel better knowing if I have an issue and cannot be home to feed my babies, they will at least eat the pellets instead of going hungry.  I have also noticed my babies fur is softer and sleeker than before. I truly do think this diet is what did that. We have also just adopted two more gliders, and they were on a horrible diet, smelly and cracking fur. We gave them the CL Staple right away. They no longer have a smell to them, and they love the staple as much as our other babies. No bowl ever has leftovers. We are now Critter Love advocates!
Guest | 3/11/2019 8:09 PM
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Our gliders love Critter Love!
We’d tried making our own BLM(or similar) for our “kids”, and tried a variety of pellets as well, but even if we found something they liked they’d quickly grow tired of it within a week or two. All of our gliders love Critter Love Complete, and I love the ease of making it!
Guest | 7/30/2019 10:38 AM
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