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    Peggy | 3/6/2018 4:24 PM
    Christina S.
    I absolutely love it, and so do my babies!! We switched over from the pocket pets diet and the smell from my gliders has almost completely subsided!! I love that it’s a healthier and more natural diet!!
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    Peggy | 4/4/2018 7:31 AM
    Ray P.
    I tried the CLcomplete and she eats the whole bowl. I haven’t tried the plus yet
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    Peggy | 4/4/2018 7:33 AM
    Heidi M.
    2 of my pairs like it. I have a very picky eaters on my other pair. So I have been trying everything trying to find out what they would like to eat that would be great for my breeding pair.your stuff smells good. As soon as it gets put out they run it. I am just trying to find something all 3 pairs will like and eat so I am not getting 3 different things.
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    Peggy | 4/6/2018 11:42 AM
    Shawna B.
    I am so grateful that you offer samples of your product. It was great to try it on my sugar gliders before purchasing something they may not like. They happen to love it and I will be making a purchase. Thank you!
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    Raylene | 6/28/2018 5:50 PM
    Critterlove Plus
    For myself for convenience I like the complete. But the same applies as the complete and still trying to get them to eat it. It's a new smell and taste and they aren't quite sure of it they like things that they can pick up to eat like my boiled chicken. So I add chicken to it so it's not so runny and they still get the taste and nutrition
    A manager responded to this review
    Please do not add additional proteins. A diet too high in protein can and will cause kidney damage.
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    Ashley | 7/6/2018 5:26 AM
    I have two sugar gliders. One male and one female.I just found out that their current diet was not the best one for them. I found you guys. I ordered this so i can see how they like this diet and if they like the Complete or the Plus better. I am ready to get them on a natural, healthy diet. Its really amazing how you guys have samples!
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    Guest | 8/17/2018 5:41 AM
    Critter love
    So far my little one likes it ok. Seems like she will eat all of it every other night. Just started the plus hoping she likes it better. Over all it seems lije a good product. I will be ordering more in the future.
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    Bonnie | 10/4/2018 7:01 PM
    I love that I got a chance to try it out before switching to Critter Love.  By using this sample, I found that my babies LOVE the complete, but would barely touch the plus (don't know why, but that is what samples are for).  So now, my babies are on CL Complete and are happy little campers!!  Thank you so much!!
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    Guest | 12/7/2018 4:16 PM
    My sugar gliders didn’t leave one drop
    I got this sample and used it the same night. I actually have a dish with several divisions and In one I put the food they were eating but they always left some in the dish. Then next to it I put the sample I received. When I got up the next morning there was nothing left of the sample food and they hadn’t touched their food they were used to. They made the decision and I just placed an order. Thanks Critter Love
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    Guest | 2/22/2019 1:54 PM
    Thank you for your generous offer of free samples. Knowing they are  proven to be part of balanced diet and opportunity to see if finicky eaters will partake.  Easy and tasty to please both suggie parent and suggie!
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    Guest | 5/3/2019 2:39 AM
    Tina R.
    I was very happy to receive the sampler my 6 babies told me what they really like and what they really didn't thank you this was very helpful.
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    Guest | 9/9/2019 11:37 AM
    Sample pack
    Love this mix.
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    Guest | 3/11/2021 10:37 AM
    Ordered this to add to my glider emergency kit, perfect size.
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    Krista | 3/21/2021 8:59 PM
    Krista H.
    I love that their is a sample option. I discovered that the complete is the fave. My suga baby loves it!
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    Kelli | 5/13/2021 1:09 PM
    Sugar Glider Critter Love
    I received the sample pack and have used the plus. He absolutely loves it and eats the full thing every night and picks at the salad with it. This is the only one he seems to eat the full amount of. It came on time with no issues with the shipping and it being sent out.
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