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These practical divided plates are a pet owners best friend
Red Food Dish
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Blue Food Dish
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Orange Food Dish
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Green Food Dish
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JUST THE RIGHT SIZE: If you looking for a way to make your mealtime for your sugar gliders a bit easier, these practical divided plates are a pet owners best friend; Each of these plates have a small section to hold your staple and another section to hold your salads.
Each Plate measures 7” x 5” and are 1” Deep;

Made of 100% Renewable Bamboo Fiber, Wood Pulp and Natural Colors. They are reusable,
They are reusable, dishwasher safe, biodegradable, heat and spill resistant.

Safety First: Don't settle for plastic and silicone plates that may leach chemicals into your pet's food over time.

Comes in four different colors to choose from. Get an entire collection!