The Best Sugar Glider Food!

Sugar Glider Food

Critter Love® is leading the cause in sugar glider nutrition. We work with a team of professionals and laboratories to conduct proper testing and to gather new information. We implement those findings in our staple products and diet plans. Critter Love® foods have been published in written studies, and are used worldwide for happier, healthier sugar glider pets!

Our Staple Foods (Complete, PLUS, & Breeder) help with Smell, Coat, Weight Control & More!


Our Foods are Made in the USA, with high quality standards. AND 10% of Profits go to Sugar Glider Research!

Features & Benefits:

  • Lab Tested & Approved
  • Improved Sugar Glider Health
  • Based on Sugar Glider Research
  • Proper Protein
  • Correct Ca:P Ratio

Helps Health Issues:

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Smell
  • Coat Discoloration
  • Obese or underweight
  • And More!

"I absolutely love the critter love staple diets. My gliders used to have low blood sugar with a purple nose. Since I recently switched to Critter Love Complete, their blood sugar is normal, and their noses are a normal pink color. Their fur also got so much softer. My gliders always lick their bowls clean and I can be sure they are getting the nutrients they need."

Ashley (More Testimonials)

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