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    Sugar Glider Research

    Scientific Studies. Independent Laboratory Testing. Peer-Reviewed Published Papers.

    Three of the basic things that Critter Love® has completed over the past decade to make certain your sugar gliders are getting the proper nutrients if the diet plan is fed as directed. It also cuts back odor that can be caused by improper diet.

    Scientific studies contained testing of three groups of sugar gliders. The groups were from different states within the continental U.S.A.

    Sugar gliders were fed a diet consisting of a Critter Love® staple alongside one of the scientific formulated salads.  Sugar gliders were fed this diet from 2010 thru the current date.

    Blood work was collected by different Licensed Veterinarians in each state and sent off to the same independent laboratory where they were analyzed to make certain the animals were maintaining the proper amounts of Protein, Vitamins, Mineral and Amino Acids.

    Long term testing has been very favorable for the Critter Love® diet plans. The information was then included, by a world-renowned exotic animal veterinarian, in various published studies. The link to these studies can be located in our News Articles.

    To date, Critter Love® uses 10% of each and every sale in our research and development program to continue to learn and grow in our knowledge, which we in turn share with all the owners, to make certain we are allowing our sugar gliders to thrive, not just survive, in their captive world.

    Feeding a tested and proven diet is so very beneficial to a healthy and happy sugar glider while helping to keep the smell and odor at a minimal if any at all.