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Ring a Ball Cage Toy

A GREAT addition to any and every cage!!


Go-Go Buggy

Vroom! Vroom! time to go racing!



A Super fun Interactive Toy that your gliders will LOVE!


Gimme a shot

Stimulate those minds with this foraging toy!


Roust About Cage Toy

A Brand New Interactive Toy for your sugar glider!!


The Kitchen Corner Cage Toy

Watch as your gliders put their hands in the cookie jars (treat cups)!! A fun, new, interactive, foraging toy that will keep your little ones busy for hours! Place their favorite treats or food in the mini cups and watch as they figure out how to get to it! Mind stimulating! ​Colors vary. Collect all four pieces!

A bag of treats come with each piece!

From ¥1,458

Musical Slide

Your sugar gliders playing with this will bring music to your ears!


Disco Ball

Your Sugar Gliders will have a party with this toy!


Star Gazer

A super fun interactive toy for your little one.

¥1,196 ¥1,137