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    Peace, Love, & Sugar Gliders

    At Critter Love® we are Committed to the Health & Happiness of the Sugar Glider Pet Community – From our Carefully Formulated Foods & FUN Accessories, to Reliable Information & Healthy Joeys. Come on in and join THE Sugar Glider Family...and help spread some Critter Love!

    Critter Love Interview with WBOY-TV in MORGANTOWN, W.Va.
    The demand for exotic non-domesticated animals kept as pets in the United States of America (USA) is increasing the exportation rates of these species from their native ranges.
    A pilot study to investigate the impact of dietary vitamin D on circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D metabolite concentrations in sugar gliders...
    (Petaurus breviceps): Intake, digestion and nutrient balance. Accepted and printed in the Journal Of Animal Physiology And Animal Nutrition.
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    Holiday or Emergency Travel with Sugar Gliders

    So you’re traveling for the holiday? How about for the weekend? Was this trip planned, or did it sneak up on you? Hopefully you’re prepared to bring your sugar glider with you! Is this possible? Of co...

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    How to Get Rid of Sugar Glider Smell
    How to Get Rid of Sugar Glider Smell

    Did you know sugar gliders have multiple scent glands? You may have noticed the bald spot on the back of your male’s head, or the patch on their chest. While there are a couple of different reasons yo...

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    The Importance of Toys & Play for Sugar Gliders

    As you may know by now, Sugar Gliders are very social animals. While in the wild they live in cohorts of 7-9 animals. Their habitats often encompass about 1.2 acres of land. Since they are nocturnal, ...

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