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    Freeze Dried Salad With Mushroom - Sugar Glider Salad

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    Our freeze dried salads with egg shell calcium are a quick and convenient way to provide your sugar glider a variety of desirable vegetables and fruits they like.

    These freeze-dried ingredients were specifically designed for your sugar glider. All natural and human grade foods.

    ​No additives or artificial flavorings.

    ​Great for travel/evacuation/emergency kits or anytime feeding.​

    Simply add water, rehydrate and feed. Its a great way to have food for your gliders when you are on the go OR don't want to shop, chop and freeze.

    ​The best thing about freeze-dried foods, they have a shelf life unopened for up to 25 years.

    ​They maintain all their nutrients. They rehydrate well and quick.

    Can be used as part of their meal or as a treat.

    ​Currently sold in a 28g (approx. 1 oz) bag. Enough for one glider for one week.

    ​Once opened, store in a resealable bag and keep in a cool dry place.

    ​Serving size is only 4g per glider.

    ​Ingredients: Broccoli, green beans, carrots, sweet peppers, mushrooms, apples, raspberries, blackberries and egg shell calcium.

    Freeze Dried Salad With Mushroom 28g
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    Freeze Dried Salad With Mushroom 56g
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    Freeze Dried Salad With Mushroom 112g
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